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  System Screenshots
The below screenshots show some of the functionalities of the payer's view.  These were created using fake data and the La Petite payment site.  All final screens (which require real data) are not shown.

To see larger views of any of the screen shots, please click on the images.

User Creation
When a parent comes to the payment site for the first time, they are required to create an account.  The address information that they enter is used for their credit card transactions and starting data for check transactions.

All usernames must be unique, so if the chosen one is already taken, the parent will be prompted to choose another one.  Once a valid user account is set up, they will be shown the second screen and allowed to access their portal.

Initial User Sign up screen   Successful account creation 

Initial Portal View
Since the parent has not made any payments, when they first access the portal, they will see a screen similar to this without any data.

Initial Portal Screen #1   Initial Portal Screen #2 

Updated Portal View
As the parent makes payments, a descending list of up to 10 payments will show.  After 10 payments have been made, they will be shown a 'show all' button that will allow them to see all payments made.

By clicking on one of the links, the parent will be able to view that specific receipt and if desired, print a copy of it.  All receipts are formatted so that they will easily be accepted under flex spending plans.

Updated Portal view

Credit Card Payment - First Steps
In order to make a credit card payment, the parent must first select the school that their child attends.  If they know the 4 digit code, they can enter it; otherwise, they can select it from a list of all locations in that state.

CC Step 1

To help minimize some data entry, their address information is pulled from the database and automatically used for the payment.  Once a valid academy number has been entered, they can continue with the payment process.  After entering valid data, they are shown what was entered and asked to confirm it.  This multiple step confirmation process helps to minimize error payments.

CC Screen 2   CC Screen 3 

Check Payment - First Steps
As with credit card payments, the first step is to choose the academy that the payment will be going to.

Check Step 1

Like the credit card payments, data from their profile is pulled and used for their check payment.  If they have previously made a successful check payment (not shown) then the amount of data required is minimial.  Due to banking (NACHA) regulations, parents have to be shown different information and e-sign the check at the bottom of the screen.

For parents who choose to set up recurring payments, they have the flexibility of choosing from two dates up front and managing it once set up.

Check Screen 2   Check Screen 3 

Managing User Data - Overview
The below is the initial screen that the parent will see when the click on the 'Parent Profile' button.  They have the ability to update any of the fields with valid data with the exception of username.

Profile Overview

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